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Sunday, May 3, 2009

How Did I Get Here?

So this is life, huh? There isn't really anything to it, everything's just fabulous!
Who am i? I'm a classic BRAT, was born the only daughter with two brothers. I'm loved and pampered and given the things I wanted. I took everything for granted EXCEPT my material things. I often found life boring when in grade school, I could never write anything tragic, tearful or life changing in my essays. My family is perfect, my childhood - a fairytale. I was never a snob, though. I love people and I blend in with every kind.
Please, somebody help me. I'm so confused, help me please?
I'm a very curious girl and so at an early age I discovered BOYS. And with it began my journey to the other side of the world. I was clever when it came to games and ended as the one playing them. I also got to taste love - right, wrong, young love or true, it didn't matter which it was; all I know is that it had ALL the ingredients found in FairyTales. I was treated like a princess, pined, cried and fought over, needed, wanted, and loved.
Yet all good things come to an end. That so-called prince turned into a possessive dead weight that robbed me of my youth, my potential achievements, my social growth and the life that COULD have Been. I was so naive with no wisdom to guide me and fell to his guilt traps. Should I stay or should I go?
How did I get here? My life should have been different. If only...
Five years of emotional blackmail, ridiculous little pointless sacrifices and a back-and-forth dance of indecision later I FINALLY gathered enough wits to end the nightmare and freed myself from the selfish obsessing frog who has now become the father of my child.
Yes I'm a young mom whose ambitions, passion and drive has been awakened by the cries of a little boy. Never have I ever been moved so deep in my soul that I may have the boldness to say I am a better person because of my storms.

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