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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Expecting MOMMY: A Little Help With the Basics

Hey everyone, this is my TRIBUTE POST to all the new mommies-to-be in observance to Mother's Day this coming weekend (May 10th).

Bieng a mommy is not all glowing radiance, believe me. It also encompasses having to deal with body image, especially for YOUNG moms who have always had that petite figure and then suddenly your bulging here and there or that defining curve gets a bit obscured week after week.

Weight GAIN: if you started out with your normal weight (ideal weight according to height and age) you should gain 25-35lbs over the nine months of pregnancy.
But to have a sound estimation use the tool found here:

Skin Changes: the most alarming here is the possibility of STRETCH marks. Where stretch marks are concerned, it is more of PREVENTION rather than Cure because once their there they won't go away. After every shower or half bath always apply lotion to your belly, some on your boobs and buttocks if you like. What worked for me though (and I really proved it works) is LANDER COCOA BUTTER.
Another is breakouts. It's normal if you suddenly have pimples it's a hormonal thing and it will go away after giving birth and your hormones are steady. Just wash your face daily and when scratched put some topical antibiotics. I used bacitracin ointment and Cetaphil facial wash because they are so gentle so they don't stimulate oil production.

Diet: One should not try to eat less food or overindulge just because you think you should gain weight. WATCH OUT for sweets and rice, instead eat GRAINS or wheat. The key to this is eating small meals (enough that you're not hungry anymore) every four hours. If you still feel like eating munch on water based fruits (NOT Mangoes because they are high on sugar) like WATERmelons. or CHew a sugar FRee GUm to get rid of the urge to eat something.

Exercise: It is a MUST to do activities like walking or keeping busy at home. It makes the labor much easier and keeps your blood circulating so your baby gets more nutrients from you. Avoid being sedentary like lying all day in bed or just sitting on the couch.

Development: IT IS TRUE what they say about reading to your unborn child! So read to it, any kind of book or even a magazine. ALSO, I've proven that it's also true that CLASSICAL music does wonders to your child's brain development - while in the womb and after birth.

After Pregnancy: You may feel like your tummy is gelly-like, I suggest wearing a soft comfortable binder constantly to help the muscles from sagging and to facilitate hold it in place while it works it's way to being firm again. Also do a few exercises in strengthening those muscles. Also wear a nursing bra all the time to prevent breasts from sagging.

Gosh, I can tell you a million more things but I wont be able to fit them all in one post. So to all mommies to be, and the nth time moms alike HAPPY MOM's DAY! :)

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